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    I just switched from the Treo Pro to the Palm Pre... After a bit of getting used too, I am really liking the phone.

    My question is about the pictures in it. I am allowed to take pictures at my job... but also need the abilty to keep some of these hidden when I show clients. In the Windows Mobile phone, pictures were just one of the many files in the phone and could just put some in folders somehwere else.

    Is there a way to set a "private" album? Something that doesn't show up when you click on albums?

    NO, I do NOT work in a strip club like I read before, LOL. But I deal with products that are not yet on the market.
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    There are several ways to do this, like connecting to your phone as root, either through novacom or ssh and adding a "." to the beginning of the folder names and/or file names you want to hide, but I don't believe that there is currently any reasonably functional way to do this on the phone.

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