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    My friend recently joked that he wanted to email Palm and request a better way to place the cursor at the font of a paragraph sentence, since it's so freaking difficult. I told him he needs to learn the "shifty orange trick" i developed.

    Most of you already know that you can press the orange key and TRY to move the cursor at the same time to the front of a paragraph, with hit or miss results.

    But my technique makes it child's play (as well as fun). Just start off like you normally would, by placing the cursor somewhere in the paragraph, then hit the orange key.

    From there, you drag the cursor left and right, up and down, in a random brisk manner to loosen up the cursor tracking and to increase accuracy (thus the word "shifty").

    After a few swipes, you should easily be able to place the cursor at the front of the paragraph.

    Try it for yourself and see. You guys can thank me later.
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    yea that does increase the accuracy of the cursor!

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