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    it'll be great if some one would make an app for the radio station at sirius radio called shade 45 by eminem...i love that station and the shows but always have to wait until they come out online...thanks....btw when are we getting flash on palm pre
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    hell yeah!
    To make it simple, we need a Sirius XM app, like the iPhone.
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    If that were to happen I assume it would be part of a Sirius XM app, which would require that you have a subscription to the service. There isn't a legal free feed of that station that could be streamed into an app, that I know of.
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    Please write Sirius to light a fire under their ***. This would be awesome.

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Contact Us
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    Cheaa are we a JBTV member? I wonder...
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    I've contacted SiriusXM already with no reply... And if you haven't noticed it would cost you extra ... SiriusXM online play isn't free anymore.
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