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    I haven't listened to the conference call yet, but couldn't help noticing this from a news article:

    On the call Thursday, Rubinstein said the company is planning new devices for other carriers, but gave no further details. He did say that all of the company's future engineering efforts are going toward webOS products instead of older product lines.
    Also, with regards to their projections for Q2 which runs from Sept.-Nov. he had this to say, which would seem to imply that aside from the Pixi there may be other webOS device launches:

    For the current quarter, Palm said it expects non-GAAP revenue of $240 million to $270 million -- sharply lower than the $344.4 million expected by analysts. The company cited "timing and scale of expected product launches," as well "lower anticipated demand for legacy products."
    Palm loss grows; more smart-phone launches planned - MarketWatch

    Pixi for sure by the end of Nov. at the latest and maybe others, too.
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    Extremely doubtful that there will be other devices, but there sure might be other carriers.

    Ah, but then you never know. Palm may have another trick or two up its sleeve.
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    Well I am hoping for a V version of the Pre, that works with it's new airways!
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    GSM versions of Pixi and Pre would be considered 'other devices' too, wouldn't they?

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