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    So I just installed my Zagg invisible shield on my pre and left it off for about 12 hours. I turned on my pre and can't seem to get a signal when I get full bars. It says "phone offline".

    I have tried turning it off again then back on, turning on airplane mode then turning it back off, but nothing works. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Did you install any tweaks or anything? This happened to me when I was fooling around with the virtual keyboard and I brought it back to sprint. They ordered me a new one but in the time I had to wait (for a shipment to my house through the warranty) I did a complete restore of the phone and it started working again. So if nothing else, try that, don't forget to backup everything first.
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    It could be damage caused by the solution. My first Pre got slightly wet on the battery door, and went into "phone offline" mode. It also wouldn't charge.
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    mine started doing the same thing after i installed some tweaks
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    I had this happen to me on a road trip using the gps. Needless to say I freaked. I ended up wiping the phone and that restored it to working order. I have some tweaks (not the keyboard one) but I don't see how those could be the issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayball View Post
    mine started doing the same thing after i installed some tweaks
    which tweaks were these? and what solved the problem?

    Edit: nevermind, did a soft reset and i cleared it up for me...
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