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    I am a yr into my contract with sprint and only quailfy for the 75 dollar upgrade price , totaling $474.99. I don't know about you but somewhere this math doesn't seem to add up. It's not worth trying to even upgrade right now if all I am going to get is $75 dollars and have to pay that much for a phone and still be stuck into a new two year contract.

    Two years into a contract or new contract:

    Regular price $549.99
    Upgrade discount -$150.00
    Instant savings -$150.00
    Mail-in Rebate -$100.00
    Upgrade price $149.99

    One year into a contract:

    Regular price $549.99
    Upgrade discount -$75.00
    Upgrade price $474.99
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    Makes sense to me. If you are a premier customer you can upgrade yearly. The contract is irrelevant I prefer to be on the fastest 3G network and am patiently waiting for the 4G to be further developed.
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    You have to remember that when you are only 1 year in the contract that they have not made their money back on the subsidy, thus the subsidy is absent from the second price you list.
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    That is the correct pricing for an upgrade at one year into the contract. If you are a Premier customer you get the full discounting after only one year, if on a family plan it is only the primary line that gets the discount early.
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    I just upgraded to the Pre a little over a week ago and I only qualified for the one year upgrade, but I got it from Best Buy for $350. Still a lot of money, but a much better savings than going directly through Sprint.

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