I am confused on this dual problem:

#1) Regarding "get email", I have all accounts set to "manual". Problem is, it automatically gets email, creating a problem in my YahooMail acct (Error 5, caused by A DEVICE UPDATING EMAIL TOO OFTEN.) ***? This leads into...

#2) When I try to retrieve email manually, it shows that it is searching, stops with no new emails, then, after me trying 1 or 2 more times, it stops, then goes on its own AND GETS EMAILS.

Anyone know what the heck I can do to remedy this. Problem 3 is a subset:
After swiping unread emails to trash, I get an ALERT THAT I HAVE THAT EMAIL AGAIN and, after touching the envelope, I am sent to my trash!????????

This coupled with the calendar is ridiculous. Please help.