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    I just tried a theme from prethemer using preware 0.9. It changed the curved black screen corners to white and this persists even after uninstalling the theme. I also tried a phone restart. Anyone know how to get the black corners back?
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    The corners are actually a .png in there some where. I'm not sure of the exact location...maybe someone else knows.
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    which theme?
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    Quote Originally Posted by madolen View Post
    which theme?
    It happened after installing luna.
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    Can anyone post the following files from their pre?


    For me these are white corners. Or maybe they are transparent PNGs...
    I just want to compare these files to someone else's copies.
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    here ya go, the reason the uninstall didn't work is because most themes dont change these images... My uninstall only includes the file I change, and the preware uninstaller is based off a feed from prethemer which based its uninstaller off of my uninstall file (unless he has updated it)
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    I have the same problem, and thanks to thesnowdog and madolen for the thread and files, but I can't locate where the files should go to correct the issue. How would I go about that?
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    Without a reply, I managed to use your post for the specific files to se where to dump the corners 1 file at a time with WebOSQuickInstall. Thanks again, guys. Those white corners were annoying.
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    and if you don't like the corners in general you can always use the squarify tweak in wosqi

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