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    Is anybody else noticing that Sprint's network time is about 5 minutes fast? My phone is showing a different time than my watches, my PC and Yahoo Finance.

    Is this Sprint issue or is something whacked with my phone?
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    Mine will be off by 5 minutes at times. Other times it isn't. When it happens usually I'll just shut it off and back on. Don't know what causes it.
    There have been some other posts on this subject, you may want to search them out.
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    Funny my phone is 5 minutes behind everything else.....except my work laptop, they are exactly the same.
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    mine was 5 minutes slow for the past couple days but now its good. No resets. {shrug}
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    Mine always gets behind. I made a note to Palm about it on their developer forums. Not sure when it'll get fixed but, basically, the Pre isn't syncing with Sprint time except on start-up.

    So, for now, just restart your phone once a day or so to avoid it become off.

    This seems to be related to the TouchStone as it doesn't seem to get off for me when I have it charging via USB.

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