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    Need some advice from you guys as most will probably have a wife with the same type of phone etc.

    I have a Pre but I don't feel the wife can handle the power (too complicated, not rugged enough etc) not to sound sexist or anything but this is just not the phone for her use.

    She currently has a Samsung Rant which she loves (she is a big text message person, so big keyboard is great), but we are having static sounds that cut her voice out when she calls me from our house. The same happened with her LG Rumor, but does not happen with my Pre.

    So I talked to Sprint CS which was excellent btw, and they want me to go to the store to have them check it out. If bad they will replace, if not I can ask to geta replace sent from CS etc. So either way a new phone (Rant or not I might be able to change if it is just reception with that particular phone in my area proabably as long as its in the same price range)

    So in short, is there another phone for this type of user (like the Rant) that is just as good, I looked and couldn't decide or should I wait for the Palm Pixi (which I think she will enjoy and I know about WebOS and backup is better etc) and get her that?

    Here are a few must haves:
    -QWERTY keyboard
    -3G (Wifi would be nice, but cant find in these types of phones)
    -Somewhat durable as she is rough on phones and kids get ahold of it...Rumor and Rant are durable enough so something in those lines.
    -Cheaper then a $700 smartphone

    They didnt offer an ariave like most got here, but not sure if it will work with the Rant or not. Don't you have to have Wifi access, which the Rant does not have?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
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    No Wifi access needed for the AirRave. It uses 1x to connect to your phone. So any Sprint phone will connect to an airrave. I say if you can hold out, wait for a pixi. Honestly I see the Pre being easier to use than alot of dumbphones. Some dumbphones took alot of button presses to get to the text messaging menu.
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    This is a great topic for the "Other Handhelds" Forum - not the Pre Forum

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