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    I've been trying for a few weeks to find a good site for mobile updates.

    Looks like the FoxSports mobile site might be a good one:

    FOX Sports

    You have to go to the mobile PreCentral site first to get the format set right, but after that, everything is formatted correctly, and they appear to have the ability to provide scores, stats, and play-by-play in real time.

    I'll be giving it a test run during the GT/UMiami game tonight....
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    I use ESPN's mobile NFL site which is great for keeping track of scores and getting game recaps on Sunday.

    For other sports and more general sports news, Yahoo's newly revamped mobile site is where I go.
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    What's the URL for the Yahoo site? The one I tried didn't have much info on it. Only scores, no stats or play by play details for College sports.
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    If you select My Favorites tab, you can customize it to add whatever categories (sports or otherwise) you'd like. You can then save that page to use as a starter page to get the headlines on whatever you'd like.

    Pretty certain this requires a Yahoo account but my main personal email account is with them so I already had one.

    EDIT: I don't know if Yahoo offers play-by-play since I just use it for scores and sports news articles.
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