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    Hi, dont know if this has been discussed yet, but how many of you keep your phone in your pocket?? Does it mess the phone up? Does it scratch the screen?? just wondering. I am buying one on Friday and was wondering if I need to get a holder. I would rather just throw it in my pocket like I do with my phone. Also was reading about the screen cracking. Is this an issue?
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    My phone is always in my pocket, but I've also had a screen and back protector since day 1.
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    When mine was in my pocket (naked) I never had problems. I cracked my screen when it was on my hip somehow.
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    I have had nothing but bad luck whenever I use a holder for a phone. I only use a screen protector and to date have had no issues keeping my Pre in my pocket, however I do not keep my keys in the same pocket as phone
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    Best smartphone in the pocket I have ever owned.
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    My only complaint with pocketing this phone is the ease of which the on buttom is pressed when I sit down. I wish the button were recessed. As it is, I tend to get the popup for turning off the phone/airplane mode - which comes up when the button is held down. Since the screen remains locked, it never does anything other make an occasional beep and light up my screen, but its a design flaw for "pocketability".

    The hard plastic cases/covers I've seen protect it, but of course add bulk to the phone.
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    Not bad ... a little large for the pocket IMO, but the best you can do with a smartphone. If I plan on carrying it for any length of time (more than just a quick stop in the car) I use the carrying case that came with it for a little added protection. There have been stories of cracking the screen/case from being carried in a pocket, so I would try to be aware of having it there and really careful when I sit down. A screen protector is a must ... I love the PhantomSkinz I put on mine.
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    I carry it in my pocket if I have to run out of the office really quick. Most of the time it is in its holster on my Maxpedition bag. Yes, I carry a murse.
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    its fine in my pocket but watch out with any bigger/loose pockets - it can slide out without a case pretty easy
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    its good. it likes my thigh.
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    You guys are great and funny.. Thanks
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    Always in my pocket. If this is how you plan to carry your Pre, invest in a skin-type protector like BestSkinsEver or BodyGuardz (there are many, do a search as they vary in ease of installation). They preserve the look of your device and don't add bulk like a case....and can be far cheaper.

    These skins protect against abrasion and scratching so coins, keys, stuff in your pocket won't beat-up the Pre.
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    I have a Palm holster, the one with a pull strap. I hate it because it is so hard to pull the phone out. By the time I pulled the phone, the call ends and I have to call the person back. I use it in the holster when I walk outside. Otherwise, I usually keep it into my shirt pocket.
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    You put the phone away? It's usually glued to my hand, to be honest.
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    In my pocket never that. Its either in my hand, on my touchstone, or in my palm case. The palm case is a little expensive but its great I love it. The slider makes getting my phone out super essy, although I wish it had an opening for my headphone jack. Its well worth protecting my invetment in my pre.
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    Almost always in my pocket naked and never had a problem or scratch. However, I never put anything else in the pocket with it.

    As far as comfort, I usually never even notice it's there. I think it's the perfect size for the pocket.

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    I have it in my front pocket all the time. I have a screen protector from Box Wave, the Seidio Innocase on, then it is in this leather case I got from Walmart, (Case Logic) that fits like a glove with the Innocase on.

    Never had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfine1966 View Post
    I have it in my front pocket all the time. I have a screen protector from Box Wave, the Seidio Innocase on, then it is in this leather case I got from Walmart, (Case Logic) that fits like a glove with the Innocase on.

    Never had a problem.
    do you have a pic of that case from walmart and how much? Looking for a pouch for my phone that will work with a rubber case on the phone
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    I keep mine in my pocket. right afer i put a full body shield on it. the shields work nicely, just remember to have clean pockets (check your pockets).
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    I put my phone in my shirt pocket at work up until about 3 weeks ago. I was in the men's room, and I bent over to flush the toilet. In slow motion, I saw my phone slip out of my pocket and head for the mess in the potty.

    With cat-like reflexes, I was able to hit it up in the air, bobble it twice, and then craddle it to my chest. Disaster averted. I no longer hold it in that pocket, and I never take it to the bathroom, despite the obvious advantages of bathroom reading material.
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