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    Around where I live I have never encountered this type of scam. Usually when people pull up to or walk up to me and offer something it is either flat out stolen or fake such as clothing. But there are some deals to be made in this situation lmao
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    Quote Originally Posted by teej51685 View Post
    No, it's the victims' fault for being morons that don't realize that someone offering "extra inventory" at a discount is probably a scam. In my opinion, if the idiots in the parking lot are stupid enough to fall for such a scam, the police should laugh in their faces and do nothing to help them--a fool and his money are soon parted.
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    We use to have those guys around Austin Texas. But this was a few years ago.

    If I remember right one of the local news stations did a report on them. They ended up getting arrested for old warrants and I have not seen them after that.

    But still, Don't buy stuff from people in a parking lot. Unless you want overpriced crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blazinlow View Post
    I think this scam is pretty common. Ive ran into guys in a white van in the Philly suburbs doing the same exact thing multiple times, as well as my friends.

    They were selling 'high end tower speakers' Same exact story.
    LOL m8, I know the guys your talkin about. As a matter afact 3 guys in a white van agot busted on South St. Tryin to sell the speakers your talking about got busted. I live around 6th & Bainbridge St. And walking home from work a few Sat nights ago saw the 3 of then cuffed and being loaded into one of the police transport vans. Cops were opening the boxes and (this was even funnier) they had 4x4 wood post cut to fit in to the boxes with packing material around them.
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    I've seen them in NY and NC. Hell.. in NY they don't drive vans - they own stores. lol.. I was working in NC when a buddy came up to me all excited about this deal he just scored. Yup. He got stung. heh..

    I had one guy come up to me trying to sell me car stereo equipment with the same pitch. Unfortunately for him.. I knew my **** in that field. I told him he was selling garbage and he drove off.

    It happens all the time. Look at spam mail. They send it by the trillions. If even 2% fall for it... the crooks are 2% richer than when they started.
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    There was the span of about a year here in Atlanta where the SAME GUY tried to scam me on this 3 times. In 3 different parts of the city.

    When I called him out on it, he just laughed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtn View Post
    I don't see what the crime is. The only thing I can think of is soliciting without a license, if they don't have a license.

    Trying to sell cheap crap at hugely inflated prices is not illegal. If it was then Bose would be in jail.

    so true. I hate Blowse with a passion. I had an hour long debate with a co worker once on how badly they suck.
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    Great story! I love stories about how multi-tasking really makes a difference. A lot of the multi-tasking I do is uneventful, but makes the world of difference to me (ie...bouncing between FB,flickr, pre central, pandora)

    btw, close call on that's an old scam that apparently still works.
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    4th of July, this year. A car full teenagers were throwing lit bottle rockets at pedestrians. They stopped at a traffic light, and I stood in front of them, whipped out my Pre, and started snapping picures. Got their faces, plates, type of car. Then I called 911, explained what happened, and they gave me an email address to send the pics.

    A follow-up phonecall an hour later, and was told they had these punks in custody. They were only charged with possesion of illegal fireworks. They don't even allow firecrackers here.

    I would've posted the pics here in a heartbeat, but I lost that phone in a Sam's Club a couple weeks after this happened. $7.00 a month and a $100 deductible is well worth t for the insurance.
    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

    "To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.
    -Jack Handy, SNL-

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    I had a similar thing happen to me the other night. A guy in an SUV pulled up to me while I was pumping gas a Wawa (Greatest convenience store ever!!!). He asked me if I wanted to buy a home theater system. I politely declined, and knew that it was either a scam or stolen property. The guy was very nice and said no problem and drove off (i'm sure to find a new victim).
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    I see more scams - exactly like this one and sometimes more 'creative' - popping up during last couple of months. I had a couple of 'desperate delivery men' in my office trying to sell me something that they were supposed to deliver next door but the recipients were on vacation. The price was always suspiciously low.
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    I just ready every post, about this boring story. . .That is 20 minutes I will never have back
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    They're often called "potato scams" as the contents of the box you buy usually contains nothing but potatoes instead of what you've actually bought... and it happens over here in UK as well:

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Students in stew over potato scam
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Diako View Post
    so true. I hate Blowse with a passion. I had an hour long debate with a co worker once on how badly they suck.
    "No highs, no lows,
    They must be Bose."
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    Quote Originally Posted by gepeder View Post
    I just ready every post, about this boring story. . .That is 20 minutes I will never have back
    Wow... everyone is so nice in these forums...
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    I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you are interested..... :-)

    I'm glad people are willing to go the extra mile to help rid the world of crime. One person (and one device) really can make a difference!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Diako View Post
    so true. I hate Blowse with a passion. I had an hour long debate with a co worker once on how badly they suck.
    I hate their products, but I'm kinda in awe of them as a company. In my opinion they're one of the greatest marketing companies the world has ever seen. Right up their with De Beers.

    Arguing with a buddy about Bose products being a scam is almost as futile as arguing with a girl about how the diamond wedding ring tradition is a scam.

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    I witness almost the same thing just about every time I walk into Best Buy.. I enjoy browsing thru new technology and just walk about the store.. Then I see these people in Blue shirts approach unsuspecting customers (usually around AV section) and tell them to buy these +$100 hdmi or component cables... The Blue shirt people threaten the poor customers that the equipment they're about to purchase will not function properly and without these cables... I then pull out my Pre and show them Monoprice web site and tell them they can get the same thing for fraction of price of what the Blue shirt people are asking!!! Then the Blue shirt people usually back off and I get big thanks from customers... Can't remember exactly but the products the Blue shirts people were promoting usually had big M.. something on the packaging...
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    In Chandler Arizona, a co-worker of mine fell for the same scam... He told us that he only had $400 in cash (they bargained it down to $500 from initial asking price of $1000) and felt bad about it and gave them $100 American Express gift card he had...

    The worst thing he did was he checked web site to look up these high-end speakers he just bought......

    Rest of us laughed our brains out for the rest of the day...
    iPhone; the official phone of 'the Borg'
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    Paramax P509 Home theater system - eBay (item 220481042731 end time Sep-21-09 20:22:41 PDT)

    lmao they've gone ebay status.. same price tag of 2999 msrp selling for $250 lol
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