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    What is everyone doing with their Google Voice account?

    Using it as only number? Just for business? Not sure yet?
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    I've begun to move more and more towards it as the only number. Hard to tell everyone who already has my phone #s, but any new person/place I give out a phone #, I use the GV #.

    Emailed and transcribed (and therefore visual) voice mail is useful in its own right, and a service that I was using even outside of the GV #, with services like Youmail. Unfortunately, Sprint's per-forwarding fees means I can't do the same with the Pre.

    I feel a bit safer giving out this number on Craigslist etc, knowing that I can block people if need be. I've had to block one persistent spammer, a collection agency looking for someone else.
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    I'm bummed that I cannot stream the audio voicemails that get emailed to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrupul0us View Post
    I'm bummed that I cannot stream the audio voicemails that get emailed to me
    I put this in the bug report forums at Palm in case they didn't have an open bug on it because 1.2 doesn't fix it from what I have seen.
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    I considered trying to get everybody moving over to it, but that was a bit of an issue. So now I tend to use it only for new contacts, or to return calls to people who I don't want to have access to me real number (and who, if they call back, I can block easily).
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    The the two new GV apps in the catalog I am trying to figure out how to integrate Vonage (our home line), GV and my Pre.
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    I'm using it mostly as my contact # for work. That way, I get the calls, but they don't get my "real" number. It's also great for my gf calling her grandmother in Mexico. Hard to beat 8 cents/minute for that.
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    Wish I was using it, still waiting for an invite!

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