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    To have a killer app, you need to have one single app that stands out from all of the rest. There are just too many great apps for the Pre for there to be a single killer app. For each of us, I think you would get different answers but here are some of my favorites.

    Notice that no Palm App Catalog entries are listed below, just Homebrew Gallery apps. Some of Palm's official apps like the Music Player seem so amateurish compared to the Homebrew apps such as Music Player (Remix).
    For many of us WebOS Quick Install might be our killer app. Not only does it allow you to download all of the programs above but it gives you 21 patches we wanted most.

    Check these and the other 200 apps out and see what will be the killer app for you.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyKat View Post
    How long does the "early adopter" tag last?
    This is a very good question. Personally, I'm thinking that early adopter lasts until WebOS is "finished," which in my mind means WebOS 2.0. At the rate Palm is going, I expect that to come around summer 2010. At that point, we'll be looking at 1000 or more apps, we'll have flash, video recording, possibly 3D gaming via WebGL/OpenGL, and this puppy will finally begin to reach its potential. Until then, early adopter.

    But look, it's not like you can't use the Pre to get the job done. Calls, email, calendar, contacts, web browsing...all are excellent and do it better than the 755p I had before. I know there is debate about this, but I am an existence proof that it is better than before for at least some users. So I am hardly suffering for being an early adopter.

    I should also say that I LOVE the drama. The updates are dramatic (figuring out what new gifts we've received), the battle with Apple is dramatic, having the latest and greatest is dramatic...yeah, it's been highly entertaining for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vertebra View Post
    Long time Palm lover. My love affair with Palm started with the Treo 600 and ended with the 700. Thought the 600 was good until I bought the 650. The phone part sucked but I had for the first time in the "Palm" of my hand literally thousands of apps. Custom Roms. Games out the ***. Emulators TG16, NES, SNES, Genesis, GG, Mame, ScummVM. Movies for the first time. Documents to go. Music. Most were created by the homebrew community. Got the Pre yesterday and it does a lot of really nice things. Love Pandora. SprintTV's cool, GPS is nice, Webos blows away anything the Treo and my girlfriend's G1 ever had, integration with Google is nice. Love the hardware. Don't see a killer app. Does a phone need a killer app? I know its early but I looked and looked last night to see whats coming out and I'm disappointed.
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    As said before, "killer app" is subjective. In my case, I am still waiting for my "killer app:" Pocket Quicken and Documents to Go. Both of those were the main apps I used on WinMo (Treo 800w) and PalmOS (Palm T|X). I am hoping those are released soon for WebOS.
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    Facebook would have been the killer app, now excuse my while i put on my flame suit
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    It's not exclusive to the Pre but in my opinion:

    Sprint Navigation is the best Application available right now!!!

    Full navigation features. Text to Voice. Included in the data plan. (iPhone users pay $9.99/mo for this)
    Palm Pre
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    I moved from a BB Bold to the Pre a week ago......I am still blown away by webOS! Pandora is the only "Killer App" I use......The i-phone has a huge library full of GIMMICKY apps that are mostly redundant. If the ability to give "daps" to a total stranger and get their contact info appeals to you then you probably are disappointed with the Pre.

    I see a music app (Pandora), a nice weather app (Accuweather), and turn-by-turn navigation.......pretty impressive for a phone that was just released with a brand new OS.

    If you use more apps then that in a day you need to GET A JOB!
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    I agree that judging the Pre based on the App Catalog is somewhat silly especially considering that the OS is so darn awesome and that's what counts most. The web Os rocks but the hardware sucks IMHO as I am now on Pre #5 and still coming back for more due to the fact that I love the OS.

    That said, the "don't be an early adopter" argument is getting old and the Pre is getting even older. It's not a realistic argument for the majority of users who go into a Sprint store and are sold the Pre assuming it can do the same basic things their old phone did. AFter all, I assume my new car comes with basic things like AC and a radio and I shouldn't have to wait a year to get those things installed after I buy my new car. By the time Palm finishes it's already released and for sale Web Os we will all likely be using a new phone. Maybe one with Web OS and maybe not.

    The answer to the OP's original question is no, not yet BUT don't give up on the Pre because the OS alone is a reason to choose it over silly Apps that mostly go unused after you play with them once whether on the Pre or on the i phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubal View Post
    Dude, if you want "killer apps" then don't be an early adopter. Geez.

    Take your pre back immediately, and get an iphone.
    why do ppl always say this dumb crap?
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    To me DrPodder is a killer app. It's probably my favorite...........well, right after WebOSquickinstaller
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    MyTether is the first killer app. MiFi always with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lvd View Post
    have you looked at the homebrew catalog? the palm app store is skin and bones at this point. install preware and you'll have access to 225+ homebrew apps.
    I agree, this is just getting started! We early adopters will need patience. Although, what is already out there, whether in the App catalog or Homebrew includes many useful and well designed apps. This will get better with time and feedback. Competition is good for the consumer, the more choices the more it enriches the market and influences price. While it has numerous useful applications, many other iPhone apps are obscure, silly, or not very useful... I believe there currently about a dozen fart apps! (I know Palm proudly features one as well! )

    I would like to see the onscreen keyboard integrated into the OS, and hope to see improved responsiveness with the native phone app (often sluggish when multitasking, sometimes does not respond quickly to input) as this is central to the phones usefulness. Spell checking, video camera, scroll bar on web pages and in the photo album (to show relative position), more than 3 pages for the launcher, etc. The battery issue is being addressed by third party providers. See- -An in depth look at Palm Pre Super Extended Battery! 2800mAh and Monstrous 3800 mAh, get your Pre running for days.

    Palm is apparently equipping the new Pixi with a Micro-SD slot and stereo speakers - placed near the edge instead of directly down facing as the one on the Pre. In this way I think they shorted the faithful early adopters... however, most of my other issues are software based and can be easily rectified.

    Even with the assorted issues... I still love the Pre!
    It's beautiful and fits well in the hand, an elegant device with great functionality overall, WebOS has many positives, the platform has much room to grow.

    A great iPhone alternative!
    It will only get better with feedback and time...
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