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    I got my pre replaced with a brand new pre, regardless of the old proble i love it. Now that i have the new one, i opened up the camera and noticed two white lines going across the whole screen, when i take a picture the lines remain on the picture itself, everything else on the phone works perfect. now sprint doesn't want to replace it....... Anybody else have this problem??
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    Go to a different Sprint Store. This seems like a defect if it actually came this way from out of the box. It's unacceptable.
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    Yup. Your camera is bad. Take it back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubal View Post
    Yup. Your camera is bad. Take it back.
    I go with the nice angery and then then approach... seems to work at my local store
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    Whoa, change that Pre fast.
    I'm on no. 4 and all is good finally. I want to see if anyone will say that you did something wrong.
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    Called up sprint, all they can do is send me a refurb.. Any comments on quality of pre refurbs?
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    Nothing wrong with a refurb
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    refurb should be as good as new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos2567 View Post
    Called up sprint, all they can do is send me a refurb.. Any comments on quality of pre refurbs?
    I have yet to get a refurb of a Pre (my first Pre was just fine and still is)

    However, I have a TON of experience with all sorts of refurbished products, and I think it's worth sharing.

    I have had cameras, DVD players, game consoles, and technically even my car (although they don't call it "refurbished" with a car)

    In my experience, refurbished products are of significantly higher quality and dependability than new.

    Most refurbs are items that were returned to the store immediately. Guy opens the box, the touchscreen doesn't work, returns it the same day. Then the phone is gone over with a fine tooth comb, and inspected in much greater depth than it ever was before leaving the factory the first time, and all sorts of tiny issues that would have slid right past original manufacture QC checks will be found and fixed.

    You have to remember that most products get only the most cursory QC check before they leave the factory, except for a small percentage that get an in-depth check to look for problems in the line. A refurb ALWAYS get's the full check like the random test units in QC.

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