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    Totally uncalled for, but so much appreciated! Thank you, thank you.
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    I put one in about a month ago, nothin'. I did another one a few days ago....
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    I've been waiting for about one week... The service looks amazing! I can't wait to (hopefully, eventually) try it out when I pick up my Pre
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    Put up for one two weeks ago, got too anxious and bought one off Ebay for 4.99. Have to wait until tomorrow to use it though, seller is sleeping :P
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    shoot i signed up over a month ago and got nothing.
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    Google and I have been having an affair (J/K on that one) since before Gmail became public so they sent me an invite a month ago. It is a very cool service IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    I submitted my info to get an account over a week ago and still have heard nothing.... has anyone recently heard back from them for an account? If so, ho long did it take?

    Yep, I'm impatient.
    same here.
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    I've had google voice for couple of months (cool # and all), with Sprint offering FREE MOBILE I'm thinking the service not as actractive
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