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    I bought my Pre from Wirefly and it came to me today. In the box was a big "STOP" don't turn on your phone until you call this number to complete activation". So I called the number. The tech told me to turn on the phone.
    I did. Then to choose the language (English), I did. Then it went to the activation screen but I got a horizontal bar saying "retry one of 5" . I looked at the bars and they were low so I went to another part of the house and the bars were all full. No luck. It went through 5 tries and then gave an "Activation Error" message and said I'd need my HEX MEID number. It wouldn't let me retry after that.

    The tech then said someone would call me tomorrow an "Activation Specialist" and that they would get my phone working.

    What went wrong? I did follow directions. I called them and followed their instructions. I also searched this website to see if anyone else had problems like this and couldn't find a post.

    Any ideas? Just a little frustrated with my out of the box experience. This my first "Smartphone"...Welcome to the world of smartphone technology i guess...
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    nothing went wrong sometimes is the network , just keep trying ,if nothing happens then u should give customer service a call , nothing to worry about , now u getting a new number or is a port from an other company?
    do u have the (EV) on the corner next to the signal bars?
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    ty for the response. Customer service is calling me back tomorrow...
    this phone is on a new account..our cell phone is on another network.

    Not sure what the EV is (but I'm kind of a noob on smart phones)...

    at least I know I didn't screw up my phone then.
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    just got my pre from wirefly 2 days ago, had same problem , was on phone with sprint for 2 hours , reseting phone then programing it after about 2 hours we got it to make profile and i was good to go
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    That means that the phone couldn't contact the activation servers through the network to get the programming information for your specific phone number. Make sure you turn the device off (hold the power button until it gives you the option). When you turn it on again it should retry. Worst case scenario the tech will have to have you reset the phone and since there's nothing on it yet you won't lose anything.

    A local provisioning delay could cause the device to be unable to activate until it is cleared. We had a delay last week here in Tucson that caused new devices to not have data access for several hours past the usual timeframe. It was cleared within 24 hours I believe though.
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