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    Quote Originally Posted by briggsie View Post
    just wiat until you get you first bill in the mail and it says t mobile on it........
    it sounds like you really want t-mobile to buy sprint...but what would happen to the cdma network and our pre's?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    T-Mobile barely has 3G in the US. Seeing that Sprint and T-Mobile are not compatible, there is no financial/strategic reason to buy Sprint.
    Thinking that T-Mobile is looking to jump into 4G with WiMax since it has the head start.
    This would go down as hard as Sprint's aquisistion of Nextel.
    Perhaps even harder...
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    I am sticking with Sprint. I am on a family plan that includes four phones (me, my wife and two sons in college). We are on the 1500 minute, unlimited data and unlimited text plan. After the %28 discount I get through work and adding taxes, my bill each month is $145. I am not sure I could touch that with another carrier.

    On a side note, I mentioned that I have two sons in college. From time to time I go on line and check usage. I almost fainted when I saw the number of text messages they send/receive each month. My wife and I are at about 150 each. I am not going to even tell you what theirs is. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The only way they will communicate with us is via text. I try and call them and I get no answer. I text them and they respond right away. What is up with that! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    What would it cost for T-Mobile to roll-out 4G? I haven't a clue.

    If this deal really happens, then it'll explain Sprint's tactics behind sell-off of towers and network management.
    Sprint did not sell their towers, all that was done was Sprint outsourced the management of the network to Ericsson (a leader in the field) Sprint still owns its network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jersey221 View Post
    it sounds like you really want t-mobile to buy sprint...but what would happen to the cdma network and our pre's?
    i think they will change the name of the phone to the "flea"
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    ive been with sprint for 13 my mind they are the best.but,like anything else the ride has to stop sometime
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    My only concern with staying if this actually took place is this. Years ago I was a T-Mobile customer and I have to say every single one of my bills was wrong. They just seemed to never know what was going on. I mean I was being billed for calls when I am absolutely sure I was unable to make them. So if this ever takes place (Really doubtful that it ever will, because of all the hoops Verizon had to jump through for Alltel.) I would say I would wait for my first bill. If it comes in wrong I will be graciously walking out the door to most likely a prepaid service because Sprint for the most part has always been good to me.
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    T MOBILEs customer service sucks.................its because of all the drek they have to deal with.
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    its almost like,when you dont qualify for a phone with at@t or sprint,you have to go to t mobile
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