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    This is my 3rd Pre, first two had the headphone jack issue where it thought it was in headset mode and I couldn't hear people through the earpiece. This 3rd Pre is a refurb.

    This issue just started yesterday, every other key on the bottom row, including enter (!) doesn't work. I took it to Sprint, and they ordered another refurb (which I'm not pleased about). I hard reset, which fixed it for a few hours, but it keeps going in and out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kytton View Post
    Try removing your battery, slide the phone open, hold between your thumb and forefinger and pinch (very hard) where the 'P' key is located on the keyboard. There is a cable and plug there that can sometimes come loose from the motherboard.
    Reinsert the battery and power back up..

    I've seen this trick work on several occasions. Good luck!

    @ Nightmare. Pshaw. Goons.
    Worked for me too... AMAZING! Thank you. I hope this doesn't just fix it temporarily...
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    Had a problem maybe a month in where the keyboard stopped working all together. Pain in the ***, that's when I first started to hate my Pre. I tried rebooting several times to no avail, what finally did the trick was powering off, removing the battery and then restarting.
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    I'm having a related problem...the other night my "m" key started repeating for no apparent reason...mmmmmmmmm...and no, I wasn't eating anything, this is serious anybody have this problem?
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    I'm having this same issue as well!! It could happen for any key. Also it will randomly type in all caps and it wont let me backspace, and if it does, there is a super long lag. Also when backspace does work... it will delete the whole word. Sometimes it wont let me type at all and i have to restart. It will also randomly act like you pushed the orange square key and then it will make everything the secondary punctuation (it will do this on its own even without pushing the orange square button beforehand). It completely quarky!

    Another issue i have been having the past three days is that any and all applications will quit opening. If i select an app... that app icon will pop up in a box stating its version and you can select (i think) "OK" and then the box goes away. Its very odd.

    I might add... this is a non refurbed phone and i just had it completely reset by sprint but it did not fix the issue, so now they are sending me a refurb phone. Great! The word 'refurb' is just music to my ears! Ahhg... This it total garbage too... i have had this phone for 4 1/2 months and now because its crapping out on me i have to have it replaced with some refurb junk.

    MIGHT I ADD.... My alarm also quit working. I was late to work and almost got written up!!!!!
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    My nearly 2 year old Sprint Pre started to have keys stop working, mostly the G and J. After looking around on the web for solutions, I tried the following:

    1. Take off the battery cover.
    2. Spray the whole innards with something like Dust-Off. Get the dirt out!

    3. Then spray the innards wth CRC Mass Airflow Sensor cleaner in short bursts so it trickles down in the slots.

    4. Spray again with the Dust-off to dry out the airflow sensor cleaner (safe for plastic, by the way.)

    You are done. Worked beautifully. My keyboard is incredibly responsive again! And you will gain 10 HP at the wheels, too.

    Your mileage may vary. Hope this helps some who are holding on to their Pre for now.
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    I had the same problem with a Veer.

    Had to get a replacement.

    HP was extremely good about it though.
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