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    W t f ?
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    W t f ?
    Ran it through a translator; it's spam. I shall report it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.president09 View Post
    so how to manage your palm pre from losing the service of the EVDO( when the "EV" symbol goes black on da grey background.) when that goes black, i cant use sprint locator.
    For anyone else to avoid confusion: The grey "Ev" icon indicates that you're currently using an EVDO connection for data transfer (either Rev 0 or Rev A, it's impossible to tell from the icon). Notice that when wi-fi is enabled, this icon disappears; data will go through your wi-fi connection instead.

    The colour of the letters in the icon indicates whether your phone is sending/receiving at any given moment. Black letters indicate that your connection is alive, but no data is being transferred. If the letters are white, your phone is sending or receiving data at that very instant.

    As an example, if you pull up the web browser, your "Ev" letters would initially be black. As soon as you enter a URL or hit a bookmark, you'll get the rotating circle in the bottom-right to show it's working; at the same time, you'll see the "Ev" letters go white as it pulls the data to your phone. When the page finishes loading, the letters will go black again. (Obviously, this is only true if no other Internet apps were running in the background and using the data connection at the same time.)

    The same applies to the "1x" icon in terms of data. The icon's presence means you have no wi-fi and no EVDO access, but a 1xRTT data connection has been established. Further, I don't think it's possible for a Palm Pre to have a phone signal without a data connection also being established (unlike some older phones that have to dial in when you need data).

    I can't say how the signal strength bars relate to this, though. For example, when using wi-fi, you have no indication whether your phone signal is EVDO or 1xRTT. And in EVDO hybrid mode, where 1xRTT is used for incoming calls, I don't know whether the bars refer to the 1xRTT or EVDO. I invite anyone who knows better to add to or correct any of this.
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    I alway wondered about all this info.. I finally have full bars in my house b dialing the code. Switched to 'evdo' . A great thred! Thank you..
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    for me on VZW i have issues keeping a solid 3G here on the farm stuck between rural and semi-urban. i think that my best bet is Hybrid rev 0, that keeps my pre+ from trying the 3G..atleast that what i've gathered from this thread...thoughts???
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    I understand all of this jazz now, but the one thing that annoys me so much is this:
    When i leave my house in the morning for work, I will be listening to something streaming from the internet which I start off on WIFI (of course when i am home, WIFI is always on), and then I will turn off WIFI prior to leaving the house and let it switch over to EV without an interruption in the stream. BUT, as I start driving down the road, all of a sudden the EV will be gone and 1x appears! After a simple switch of Airplane mode on and then off, the phone will be back to saying EV again. In the past, before finding out about the Airplane mode trick, I would either switch to EVDO only or reboot the phone and wait forever and then have to go back and open the web site, and start streaming again with an EV signal.

    I simply just hate seeing the dag gone phone switch to 1x when after a quick switch in airplane mode, EV starts working again. I can't for the life of me understand why it would even switch to 1x in the first place.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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