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    I think it's very cool that some websites are being optimized for the Pre. Domino's has just redone theirs. Visit Domino's Pizza, Order Pizza Online for Delivery - on your Pre to check it out. Here's a link to the press release: Domino's Pizza(R) Launches New iPhone Optimized Mobile Ordering System - Yahoo! Finance

    It's also a little interesting that the phones this site works on are iPhone, Pre, and Android. Blackberry doesn't make the list, perhaps because its browser is so meager. I think the browser is the future, and Palm is right to emphasize it so strongly on the Pre.
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    LOL...My wife ordered Domino's the other day. First time in 6 years.. After the first few bites, I remembered why it was so long since I had them.

    Nonetheless, hooray for a Pre optimization!
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    Goodbye second rate browsing experience while trying to order a pizza on the Dominoes website, hello indigestion!
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    I got 50% off dominos in college for being an RA and I trained myself to love it, this will be useful for me at least once a week.
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