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    I bought my Palm Pre on August 14 and i love it like if it was my own child. On September 14, its been giving me keyboard problems like it wont let me type or anything. I went to the Sprint Store and the guy gave me a brand new phone plus a 53 dollars credit since they were doing the price adjustment. It's been giving the same problem again..all I do is take off the battery and it works fine afterwards. Has anyone been having this problem lately?
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    The only problem I have is once in a blue moon a key will stick and I'll end up with a line of T's or whatever letter until I press another key. Also when I get to typing to fast on it, if I type a word that has a GH in it, the H won't register. Really my only issues with it. It doesn't really bug me to much though.
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    its weird tho..but its working fine now. I just hate taking out the battery.
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    Unfortunately, the user is at risk when trying a SW reset. I tried the trouble shoot method when my keyboard stopped, and ended up with a reset phone that I could not use because I could not type the Palm account username and info.

    I recommed you take it into a store to troubleshoot since a true HW faliure of the keyboard makes the unit useless.
    Thank you

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