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    OK, I'm a novice to all this Palm Pre / Web OS stuff, so please bare with me.

    Q: Is there a "desktop" per se that I can synchonize all my Pre's data to?

    My contacts from my old Palm Treo 755P have not been saved or synchonized and I dont want to lose them....

    Q: Also, how do I get pictures from the Pre to my computer to save them?

    Q: Has anyone figured out a way to save my old Palm Treo 755P's "Memos" to the Palm Pre?

    So far I dig the Pre, but I'm starting to see its stengths and weaknesses.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU in advance.

    Shark918vv@aol. com
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    Well, the first bit of advice would be to take a look at Palm's support web site ... I believe the first two questions are answered there. Also, you should first try a search on the forums here for questions.

    But as for answers ...

    - There is a program to import old Palm Desktop. Check out the Data Transfer Assistant. But, in general, I think the Pre and WebOS are designed to use the web instead of syncing directly to your desktop. I think Google contacts/calendar are the way to go unless you have specific needs. Make sure you understand the implications of the defaults for contacts and calendars.

    - Photos can be gotten using the USB transfer. Look in the DCIM folder.

    - No idea on the memos. I doubt it.
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    The memo's from my 755P transferred over to the Pre with no problem. I assume part of the data transfer assistant. The memo app on the pre isn't as nice as the Treo's, but all the data (minus categories, which the pre app doesn't support) was transferred, no issue.
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    OK now my next question is this: Is all synchonizing done via the USB cable, or bluetooth?

    THANK YOU both for your fast replies.

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    Call Sprint, they will transfer you to Pre techs, they will walk you thru this. i did it when I got my Pre. Takes a few minutes on the phone, but I have all my memo's (over 100), all my contacts (over 200) and many of my ringtones (as I saved them from the Treo, then moved them over manually with the use of the usb cable).
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    If I were you, and I had contacts on a 755p and Palm desktop and nowhere else, I would first export the contacts to a csv file. I would then get a gmail account, and import the csv file to google contacts. Once you add this account to your pre, all the contacts will then sync, and life will be good. Your desktop is then, and you can access it from any machine anywhere in the world. Synchronization is done over the air automatically, and you never have to worry about it anymore.

    The only time you need to plug your cable in is to put music or videos on your pre, or to pull photos off your pre. Of course, you can upload photos to facebook and another online service too, so you don't have to pull them off your pre.

    Cable synching is now a thing of the past. This is one of the fundamental improvements of the pre, and embracing it will help you enjoy your experience on the pre a lot more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark918v View Post
    OK now my next question is this: Is all synchonizing done via the USB cable, or bluetooth?
    Are you talking about the initial transfer or ongoing sync? Ongoing sync is best done via the web IMHO ... the Pre is designed for "cloud" computing. Bluetooth is not much of an option at this point.

    The Data Transfer Assistant uses USB. But you should make sure you have a strategy from there because it's really a one time copy, NOT A SYNC!

    If your defaults for calendar/contacts are set to use Palm Profile then your data will only go to your phone. If you set up Google first, I believe it will also get synced to Google. You should read what Palm says here: : Data Transfer Assistant (Windows)
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    Yeah ... what he (jbg7474) said !

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