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    I just got me Pre yesterday. Overall I love it as I expected I would. Yet I do have one bone to pick.

    I attached an AIM account to my pre. I also use that account during the day at my computer. The problem is as I'm talking to someone from my comp, the messages they send also pop up in the Pre. Its getting very annoying.

    Along the same topic, is it also possible to change the status to away or invisible. There are some times, albeit rare, that I don't want to be bothered.
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    Thats a problem with the AIM service itself. It's not intuitive like Googletalk. With Gtalk, as soon as you start talking on a comp or your phone, the other stops receiving messages. Not the case with AIM, and never has been. You can disconnect or be invisible from the Messager app itself, just click on the "Available" portion on the Buddies tab and choose one of the options.
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    If you tap where it says 'Available'. This will let you type something as your status.
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