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    I got an mp3 file from a friend. I can only play it, but how do I save it to my phone?
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    Don't think you can at the moment.
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    You can't.
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    I found out you can plug your phone in as USB drive, make sure you can see hidden files and go to .attachments\mms
    the folders are not labeled to find something easily but if you know the date it might help you find it easier, then just copy the mp3 to your computer or to another folder on the phone that the mp3 player will read it.

    edit: dont need hidden folders shown, its not a hidden folder
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    So you can save pics but not media? Come ON palm.

    Thanks for the roundabout solution.
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    yup, will be nice when we can just save all that, but at least for now there is a way to get that saved somewhere

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