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    I website I use for work will log in then not save my login IE kick me back out.

    I have tried clearing cookies and setting but can't seem to get it to work.\

    Site worked fine on my windows mobile phones. Not sure whats going on any Ideas

    Website is Sorry not allowed links yet(just take the two out)

    Other than that this is the best phone I have every used.

    my workaround for now SUCKS!!! I have to teather to my ipod touch and use that to log in

    Thanks for any insight and help!
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    This is my third post on this and no one has even responded. Is no one esle having this issue??

    Or does not one like me
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    That website is not a valid one.. looks like you're trying to spam us.
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    Sorry didn't have 10 posts couldn't post the link then I see I spelled it wrong.

    I really need help with this. This is the only thing that bugs me about this phone!!!

    The two sites that give me issues are

    E46 Fanatics: 3-Series, BMW Forums, BMW Modifications, E46 BMW
    Euro-Diagnostic Resources, Inc

    I can view them just not log in???

    I am an Automotive Shop Manager need those two sites to run my business. I relieze this is new phone but my other devices can do this????

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