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    Is there a way to change text and new email alerts
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    one would think, but nope. at least not yet.
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    There's a Homebrew App called "My Notification". It allows you to change the e-mail/SMS message and calendar alert tones.

    Here's the link to it....
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    When posting, doesn't the thread automatically search after entering the title, and 'tab-ing' to the body of the thread for similar posts?

    This has been asked over and over and I know this would come up on a search. Also, there is a Homebrew app that does exactly what your looking for.
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    Thanks for the replies
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    make sure to try the apps, i downloaded the one above and it plays the entire song/ringer you choose, for example I have a song picked as my wife's ringer, it will play the entire ringtone until i pick up or ignore the call

    if you choose a sms tone, it will play the entire ringtone even if you read the message...close it...and put phone in your pouch, it will still play the entire length of the tone... so beware!!!
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    We are aware of that!

    There is a program called mp3 slicer. Do a search for mp3 slicer and the first link is the one to download. Its verrsion 1.2 and you need to register the program. Now you can make ur own ringtones and text tones to whatever length you want it to be. I've made a bunch so far.

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