Okay, now I know that you can send an SMS to a number without saving it to contacts by opening the messaging app, hitting the + icon, opening the keyboard, typing in a number on the keyboard then typing your message.

That being said, I think it we could all agree that the easiest and quickest way to punch in a number that someone is rattling off to you is to just punch it into the dialer. The dialer even launches quicker than the messaging app and is just plain nicer than punching the same numbers into the slide out keyboard.

Now to just be able to hit an SMS button after punching in a number into the dialer. This would be outstanding ..or very basic, depending on how you look at it. EVERY dumb phone on the planet has this functionality and I miss it on the Pre.

For those asking "well, just how often do you really need that?" Often enough to miss it but that's besides the point - I'm just interested in bringing back a very basic function to the phone.

I don't even know if this is possible with homebrew, maybe it's just an integral part of the OS. Programming isn't my specialty, usability is.

...or is this just another basic phone function I have to kiss goodbye with the Pre? Thoughts?

Thanks much..