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    ok I got a serious question and I wonder if anyone will have the answer. With the whole "limited apps" to download on the pre, what happens if we pay for an app, then go to download it and it says sorry you dont have enough space. Ive got that message a few times and STILL went and deleted some apps and the app STILL wouldnt load i would stilll get that message! So what happens if I pay for one and that happens? Which most likely will happen.
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    Palm is testing webOS in a measured environment, and it involves a limit on the quantity of installable apps.

    i think they will remove this limitation as soon as App Catalog losses it's beta tag.
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    I sure hope so. That would be the logical thing to do cuz you would figure the more apps downloaded the more money they make. And Im sure there will be ALOT of unhappy customers if they dont. Me being one of them.
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    Remember: paid apps this month will still be in beta.

    I can't imagine them not making some changes to let everyone install more apps. It seems insane that they wouldn't...

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