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    My speaker on my first Pre blew, so I took it to the repair center and they are going to give me a refurbished phone to replace it. What are some of the things I should do immediately to make sure this phone is going to be good, mostly dead pixels and the slider, among other things?
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    Hmm....light bleeding from the edges of the screen.
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    crashing when opening and closing slider.....

    i get my 3rd pre tom. also...i will be scouring the refurb pre for f-ups and i know with previous phone replacements, if it isnt up to par with you, return it. and everytime i've done this, not with pre(yet( they replaced the replacement with a BRAND NEW PHONE
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    well thats encouraging news, I will for sure be checking it out closely when I get it, and am not walking out of the store till I get one to my satisfactory (they said they have a bunch of em in back)

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