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    I usually load up for a second, tip the screen to landscape, and then move on to for some odd reason, the formatting on the m site comes out right if I do that first. As of this evening, every time I load up x, it borks the browser and no other sites will load. The x site seems to work ok, but nothing else will load after that. Close the browser, open it, and everything is back to normal, that is until I go back to, and then nothing else loads again.

    I cleared the cache, cookies, and history (4 times), restarted the Pre (twice), no luck, still the same thing. Tried logging in on the x site first and tried logging in on the m site first (after clearing all web data)... still no go.

    Just my phone, or is anyone else seeing this?
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    I would recommend not using it.. Use
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    "Doctor, my arm hurts when I do this"
    "Well, don't do that"

    Lite is a little too, well, lite for me... oddly enough, the mobile site (m) has a few more of the features I use, even though it's a simpler interface.
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    ##3836# and press save, should allow you to continue browsing
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    What does that do?
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    It resets your data connection.
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    It's the browser that craps, not the data connection... I can close and reopen browser and everything is back to normal... email works fine too.

    Nice tip though... had not seen that before.
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    so, I discovered that if I go to the Sprint page, from the preinstalled bookmark (, then go to, the formatting is spot on.

    Anyone know what the deal is with the browser formatting or lack of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zpoettker View Post
    I would recommend not using it.. Use

    Hrrrrmmm. I can't even get to come up on my Pre. Just takes me back to the full which I frequent...

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