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    I was deleting some text message threads and my stupid palm pre was lagging and I guess I ended up deleting a thread I didn't want to! You know, the whole swiping away thing to delete....well, it turns out a thread *below* the thread I wanted to delete got deleted as well b/c the phone was lagging.

    Now, when I send a text message to that phone number, the entire thread appears...but I can't get it to appear one level up in the text message overview (where you see all the different threads w/ different ppl). I think there may still be a way to save this thread (since I see it in its entirety when I send that person a message). But I don't know how to keep it on the phone for good or if it'll eventually get erased for good....

    Any ideas?
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    This happens when you apply the messaging tweaks most of the time. What you do if you have the tweaks take em off, landscape and forwarding, and reapply them making sure for each tweak you let luna, the ui, reset completely for each individual tweak. Then what you need to do is go into ur contacts and delete that profile, the person you were messaging in the thread, completely. The facebook one will stay. Then type in the phone number manually in the messaging app like you would do normaly to send a text and you will notice that the number will not auto link to that contact. Send that number a message and ur thread will reappear again but it just won't have ur contacts name. If you look now the entire thread should be back and all you have to do is either create a contact profile again for that number or just merge to facebook profile that should still be there if you have a facebook profile for that contact. Too easy good luck
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    If you start typing like the name of the person that you're sending a message too it will appear under your search.
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    Delete the contact the message is with from Contacts and then re-add. The sms message thread will magically appear.

    This quirk/bug has been discussed a bunch of times here already.
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    thanks, guys. has anyone done a test to see how long you can go and still have messages reappear? this is really weird...

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