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    My pre is restarting a lot randomly recently, and it is annoying because the process takes like 8 minutes.

    edit: it happens all the time during phone rings, during texts, while charging while just sitting there, while listening to ringtones.
    edit2: while rebooting.

    Does anyone else have that problem?
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    Mine does too, but only when I close Accuradio.
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    mine happened today while closing music remix
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    Never had restarts take much longer than 2 minutes from shut to launcher. Regardless, it happens and using GPS apps or pandora would exacerbate restarts.

    Lucky in the last 2.5 weeks in that I have had none
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    urggg, its been like 10 times in the past hour now. It freezes before I can' type a text.
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    My phone just randomly reset itself. I was looking through the homebrew folders at Preload when the palm logo magically appeared. My phone reset in ~ 2 minutes. Second time this week it reset itself but I don't remember what I was doing when it happened earlier in the week.
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    My pre was doing this also, but I read about the battery not fitting quit right and put a small folded sheet of papper in the back of the pre to push the battery up towards the contacts. No more random restarts have happend since.

    read about it here:

    I would have placed the full URL, but I have not posted enough yet.
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    Mine has just started doing it since 9/13. Sometimes when I slide it closed,othertimes just sitting there. Should I go back to best buy (I got on of the 1 day $100 ones!)?
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    yeah, mine just recently started doing this too...don't think it's a battery issue.
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    One thing that can cause this is a battery that is loose in the battery compartment. A lot of the refurbished Pres are coming with a little piece of foam padding between the end of the battery and the side of the compartment.

    You can easily accomplish the same thing with a folded up scrap of paper.
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    Me and two other people with Pres at work had this same problem. Using a little piece of foam as a wedge like VeeDubb65 suggested has fixed the problem. Just gotta wedge the battery into the contacts.
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    alright thanks guys, lets hope it works.
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    Where's everyone with crashing Pre's when you need them??

    I posted a thread about crashes and resets and everyone told me I was crazy, so I went and got a new phone.

    But at least the new one doesn't have dead pixels.
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    ok, paper thing didn't help. also it often happens when the phone is still when it restarts no movements.

    edit, now it keeps restarting before it can even finish a reboot
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    weird man, i thought i was the only one experiencing this problem. its not a battery problem. its doing it while its just sitting here. never experienced this before two days ago. verrrrrry strange, no explanation. For me its only restarting maybe a couple times that i caught it (like 4 times total last 3 days)
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    Never had a problem w/ mine which was bought on day 1 until driving home last night. My motorola handsfree said "connection dropped". I looked down @ my Pre and it was rebooting. Took a very long time. When I got home tried to make a call and noticed a never before seen icon in message area and message saying "too many cards open", however no cards were or had been opened since the unexpected reboot. Could not shut
    Pre off or do a reboot without removing battery. Pre then rebooted and has been ok since then. STRANGE!

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