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    Just received the Pre Switched my phone number from ATT to Sprint. Of course I had to turn on and play with my shiny new toy before Sprint switched over my #. Now the phone is stuck with the original telephone # and I spent an hour on the phone with a very nice rep who had no clue. I tried the reset in the device menu, ringer switch trick and the 3 button keyboard reset to no avail. Trying the Webosdoctor now. any suggestions?

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    You should be able to reprogram the # from the sprint website. Just go to your phone & plan and choose to activate a phone.
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    If sprint has successfully transfered your number from AT&T, then there is one last step in which you must tell you Pre to recognize that numbers as its own (at least I had to). I don't remember the specific command. You type something into the dialer and then change the number the phone recognizes. I wrote it down when the Sprint rep explained it to me, but this was weeks ago and I appear to no longer have the piece of paper. IF this is the step you're on, a sprint CS rep should be able to help you easily.
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    yes after ur number is port, u have to type ##******# then u put ur att number with the instructions that the sprint rep gives you and u will be ready to go.
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    Trying to transfer totally screwed it up worse than it was before. Before the Pre got internet but the phone # was incorrect. I ran through the whole transfer and now it gets nothing. The Sprint rep tried to help with this to no avail. This may help some of you, I have to head over to the Sprint Store tomorrow.

    This is what the rep had me do

    Perform the following steps on your Palm Pre: Slide open the keyboard.
    Press and hold the Orange key.
    Tap ##.
    When the dial pad appears, release the Orange key.
    On the dial pad, tap 786# to complete RTN.
    From the bottom, flick upward on the screen to scroll down to find the very bottom RESET button on screen.
    Tap RESET.
    Using the Qwerty keyboard, type .
    No need to use NUM LOCK.
    Tap OK.
    Do not interrupt the Reset.
    The phone will show a slight pulsing of the Palm brand name.
    Allow the phone to full reset.
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    after doing that full reset, you should be able to activate the phone. also, edit your post and remove that number. that's a very special number, that you definitely want to write down, but probably not share with the world.

    anywho, I ported my number as well to my pre, from at&t. sprint gave me a temporary number, and the at&t number didnt port over for about 2 or 3 days. it should push the phone number change automatically to your phone. but now since you've done a master reset, you will need to manually tell the phone about the number change.

    i believe you type in ##(the special number)# and that will give you access to change everything. the ID for the phone on sprint is your temporary phone number, and the other thing is your at&t phone number.

    I hope that makes sense...
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    Thanks everyone, I woke up this morning and everything worked itself out

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