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    Anyone ever seen this?

    My camera was working fine all week, and then I tried to use it and now the colors are messed up and there are a ton of lines going through the images on the pictures.

    *note* I did not drop it, i did not abuse it, it just stop functioning correctly. Rebooted, hard reset, nothing. I was using it plugged in with wifi and the device was hot, I even took the back off and left it on the face while it was streaming. It was streaming pandora for about 6 hours straight. I didn't test the camera until again until the next day and i got on a plane. Those were the images the camera took.
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    Only thing that would cause discoloration would be the lens had some weird film on it (maybe it's dirty) or if the sensor failed.

    If the lens is clean, it means your sensor somehow got damaged, and it would be cheaper to get a new phone than a new sensor.

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