Hey everyone... I'm new to this forum.

I purchased my Pre on the release date and must say that I love this phone.

As with everything, sure there are pros and cons but this phone is great. At first I thought it was a little small but I got over that quickly.

I also thought it felt a bit cheap... like very hollow plastic feeling.

Other than that, the phone has satisfied my craving for an Iphone. I just cant swallow the monthly cost of ATT's Iphone plan over SPrints everything plan. No contest.

The unlocking of the virtual keyboard made this phone 100% better in my opinion. The addition of a video recorder, text forwarding and a little more versatility on ringtones would be great.

But aside from all that, I believe the single thing that will keep this phone going is good quality APPS and lots of em.

I'd like to thank all the developers on this site for the homebrew apps. Amazing job and keep up the good work.

Thanks to everyone that made Precentral what it is. This site has truly enhanced my Pre experience.