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    Ok, I haven't applied the new iTunes update so I thought I would finally get around the putting some music on my Pre. I hooked my Pre up to my PC with the USB and iTunes recognized it. I then selected the playlists that I wanted on my Pre and began sycning it. I thought everything went fine. Today I tried listening to the music I added to the Pre and noticed that it would not play any songs that I had purchased through iTunes even though the song showed that it was there and I could see the album art. The songs that I originally had as CDs that I had added to my iTunes work fine. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on?
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    Pre will not play music with DRM protection... Most music on I-Tunes is protected but you do have an option to purchase DRM free music on some songs.

    You can pay like $.30 extra per song to remove the DRM protection
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    Same thing with videos from the iTunes store (even the free samples). Just to be clear, it's not just the Pre that can't deal with these ... I don't think any non-Apple device can play copy-protected media from the iTunes store.
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    But there are programs that delete the DRM protection, legally!
    I don't get the name know, but is a paid app, 20-30€.

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