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    Is anyone else experiencing issues with the battery where the phone will read some percent like 58% then a moment later a message comes up saying the battery is about to die and the phone needs to shut off, and when you look to the top right the battery icon looks almost dead, but if you tap it it jumps back to 58%. It is extremely obnoxious because if this fake low battery warning comes up while in your pocket and you dont act quickly to tap the battery percentage to correct itself it will shut down without you knowing. Is anyone else seeing this happen? I've tried the web os doctor several times since I started seeing this and it still happens. And it isnt the battery cause I have replaced it with another and have the business card "hack" in place.

    Any advice?
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    I had that within my 30 day windows and Sprint replaced it
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    Ive had problems like that with the Treo 755p.
    Never had that happen with my Pre
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    Just called a sprint store and they were so nice, I was nervous since I have had my pre for 3 months that I would be **** out of luck. They guy on the phone said just bring it in and since it was on a 1 year warranty they would just swap it with a new one. Wish I knew what was exactly wrong with it, but getting a new pre is pretty sweet after 3 months.
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    I have the same issue. I charge it all night long, and randomly I get a message that my battery is low and the phone will shut down.

    Idk know why it happens either, this is my 4th Palm Pre, and this was a refurb replacement. Should I get it replaced? Or will Palm fix this with an update or something?
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    I've been having this issue for the past couple of weeks. I'll either get the message about the battery being low (I usually pop the battery in and out and it comes back). Yesterday when I got to work I went to check email and my Pre had the power plug sign on the screen, I popped the battery out and in, but this time it was completely depleted. I had my Pre charging all night and hadn't even used it once. I use a Seidio extended battery, and the Pre's stock battery. I'm on my 3rd Pre and this is the only one I've experienced this with.
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    I had it happen a few times when I first updated to 1.3.5. It hasn't happened in a few weeks though and I have no idea what caused it to stop happening.
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