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    Some treos had hardware versions A & B of the same model. So it makes sense that they will be changing some of the hardware.
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    Why is the act date 1/1/2005?
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    I thought hardware was physical. How are they going to change that. Also what happens to all the people with the old version.
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    "B" could be the gsm version of the pre
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    Again, going on PAST tradition (I have no insider info), Palm has historically not distinguished between CDMA & GSM handsets with "A" and "B" revisions.

    Again, a REVISION is an update or a modification. It's entirely possible that they could be reserving "B" for a later production run with very minor under-the-hood changes (different ODM than Foxconn? Different PCB layout? Different speaker supplier? Any number of possibilities!) or perhaps even a 16GB version.

    THETRUTh, they obviously wouldn't change existing hardware but would use the "B" designation to denote future production versions. In fact, based on some reports, Palm's already addressed some of the wobbly sliders and severe twisting in the couple of months the Pre has been in production. Think of it as similar to how some car companies will have slight differences during a model year and call it a 2009.5 vs. a regular 2009 model.

    Again, I have no knowledge of Palm's future plans, just making an edumacated guesstimate based on Palm's past hardware releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkklife View Post
    The Pixi is definitely NOT the "B" version.

    This is Nothing new for Palm. Off the top of my head, I definitey owned both "A" & "B" hardware revisions of the 700p and the 755p and I THINK even the Treo 650 had A & B versions. This has been standard Palm practice for models with longer production runs.

    Not sure if the Centro was differentiated between 64MB "A" models and 128MB "B" models but there's another possible example that incorporates more noticable hardware changes.

    FWIW, the Sprint Rev. B 755p (purchaed in spring '08) that I briefly used had a brighter, whiter LCD, a louder earpiece, and slightly less lag when compared side-by-side with a Sprint 755p "A" with the exact same 1.07 ROM.

    There you go. Why did you have to go and make sense? I had to change my original post to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
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