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    Today at around 5pm my screen went green like there was no picture signal coming in. It was weird. I then hooked the phone up to my laptop and kinda guessed where the USB mode was on the phone. The laptop did not pick it up the USB component at the time of hooking it up or selecting USB. While still having it hooked up to the laptop the phone went into standby, I then pressed the top power button and the phone is back to normal again. (so I think so). Was kinda weird while it lasted because it would not let me see anything. I was still able to select stuff on the phone because there were flashes of apps popping up but did not know what they were. Has this happened to anyone else? The phone is rooted and I am about to put do the newest WebDoctor. Hopefully I will get 1.2 and see if it is worth it. Picture below for everyone to see.
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    Looks like the video chip is going out on you.
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    Yea could be I will wait until it goes out and take it back
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    i had that happen to me, but while i was watching a youtube video. i could not do anything to get rid of it. not even a soft reset. i got sound on the video clip so it was still working. after the clip was over, the phone was back to normal, wasnt really sure what happened to it. thought it was the video i was watching or just a youtube app mess up. you werent on youtube were you?
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    I was watching youtube from the "youtube app" before it did the green screen. Then i started to text in another card while youtube was still open on another card. finished my text put the phone in standby with messengar and youtube app open. The YouTube app could be the reason.
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    microsoft windows has blue screen of death...............x box has red ring of death.....palm pre has GREEN SCREEN of death????

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