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    only 8 of my contacts came through but everything else is fine!! apps, facebook, emails, etc... just 8 contacts!!! help!
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    all you can do is a full reset and then log in to profile and hope . but if you do this it has to be done before the next auto backup occurs

    well of course the only reason i know this .... well im sure you can guess lol later.... oh yeah i lost 200 myself it only restored like 1 .
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    screwed.... already backed up
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    Welcome to the club.
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    Palm's backup has proven to be totally unreliable to me, and since there's no way to "see" what's backed up it's like playing russian roulette with my contact data.

    I bought missing sync for the Mac, but it's totally undependable. The only thing that I heard works well is Google sync, but I don't want google to have all of my contacts.
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    same thing happened to me, talked to a guy named Snyder in India via the Palm website(gotta love outsourcing). He told me to do a partial reset lol. Nothing. So he passed it onto a "palm specialist" and gave me a ticket number. Most of the contacts I lost were lady friends, so you KNOW i'm ****ed. And I'm pretty sure they are lost in cyberspace. My thoughts are now to make my default profile google instead of palm so at least they will save to my gmail contacts instead of a palm server that likes to eat contacts.

    ---but I also see PreMium's point
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    yeah...thats what happened to me after i doctored my phone and when i signed in i had just 2 of my numbers restored out of like 150 or now im backing up my numbers and important things on my computer through a program thing never trusting palms cloud again -___-"
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    I posted about this yesterday in the Palm forum on here. I got the number to the corporate headquarters also. Once I figure out who is in charge of customer satisfaction, I will post the number. I say we innundate them with calls and frustrate them just as much as this has.

    my post is titled 'Palms cloud is thin'.

    to the guy that last all his female contacts, sounds like you're not getting ****ed! LOL!
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    Ugh! It just happened to me! SMS weren't showing up in the messaging app. So, I did a partial erase (I've done it before the recent update and all has been fine) First I made sure to manually backup my phone and then went ahead with the partial erase and now BAM! All of my contacts (except for FB) are GONE! This is so messed up!
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    I'm in the same boat. lost contacts last thurs. still no contacts. the problem started with only the speakerphone working for calls. another known problem.?
    i have my old phone, and i'm trying to activate it, and back up, then go back to the NEW phone and resync contacts. so far no luck. had palm and sprint on the same phone call. the old phone wants me to reset and erase all data. NO!! now i need to go to a sprint repair center, hopefully tomorrow. they are supposed to be able to physically get the contacts off the old phone and put them on the new one. believe it when i see it.

    the palm guy Brian from phillipines was tenacious, but we're still tryin gto fix it. he seemed pretty smart though.

    so if everthinggoes wrong (as expected) my fallback is to take my old palm Treo contacts (6 months old) from my laptop and push them to google (never thought i'd think google was a safe spot) and use google for contacts. backwards as h_ll, but i want my old contacts! if your contacts are intact - Back Them UP!
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    If anyone else is planning an Erase - Partial or Full - or a trip to the Doctor, I would recommend pulling a copy of your /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 file.

    Once the erasure is complete, if your contacts were lost, you can replace the new .db3 file with your old one. Heck even if the contacts do come back I would still do it, because that file also has your SMS/Messaging history.

    I just went the full Dr. route and lost all but one contact, however once I replace that file with the one I pulled before the Doc, all was well.
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    ^ Some of us (myself) don't know how to do what you suggest. :/
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    What is this Palm Database? I have my contacts and calendar on Google and when I had to use webos doctor this past weekend (Pre froze while doing the 1.3.1 update) all I did was do the google sync and "poof", my contacts and calendar were back. Not going to lie, at first I thought my contacts were lost and it got me to investigate backing up my google contacts as well, so I have now exported my google calendar and contacts to a safe location. I did lose some photes, but I will now be backing those up in the future.
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    This is such complete bullcrap. Palm must have backups of our profile and contacts. I too am waiting on a call from their engineering dept aka Level 3 in their speak. But this needs to be solved NOW!
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    I talked to Palm today. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who were unable to re-sync contacts from your Palm Profile after a WebOS are totally ****.

    They confirmed that the servers were down with complications and many people experienced the issues. The also confirmed that there is NO WAY to get those contacts back.

    A statement is going out via email in the next couple of weeks that address this issue and apologize for the severe losses for many.

    The good news (if there is any) is that they are sending me a FREE Touchstone Charger for the inconvenience.

    BOTTOM LINE - If this happened to you, stop holding your breath. Your contacts are gone. It may be a good idea to call Palm and let them know how disappointed you are...they are ready to give you a FREE ACCESSORY for the mess-up.

    Hope this helps...good luck!

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    A free touchstone are you kidding me? Man.... I think i'm going to lose my contacts.. Lol
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    wat is the number?
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    hmmm...not so sure about this. How do you prove your contacts were erased? I'd like their phone number, too. I did a partial erase this afternoon and now my contacts are all gone. :'(
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    Quote Originally Posted by jodimarley View Post
    wat is the number?
    I just Google'd it...tell them that you want to talk to a Level 3 tech-support rep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    hmmm...not so sure about this. How do you prove your contacts were erased? I'd like their phone number, too. I did a partial erase this afternoon and now my contacts are all gone. :'(
    They can look at your Palm Profile and the date you activated it.

    Chances are that you added at least one contact since you had the phone.

    Chances are that you did not erase all your contacts for a free charger.
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