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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post

    I said I didn't have a Pre.

    I was just trying to help.
    I thought backups was/were related to preserving contacts.

    Sorry I confused the issues.

    I still think ones need more than one way to preserve their PIM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Palm has heard:

    Hopefully they will consider more alternatives.
    Its great that some of the blogs are picking this up, but Palm's response is unacceptable.

    We are seeing a small number of customers who have experienced issues transferring their Palm Profile information to another Palm webOS device. Palm and Sprint are working closely together to support these customers to successfully transfer their information to the new device
    A "small number of customers" are experiencing the issue and they are working with Sprint "to support these customers to successfully transfer their information to a new device?!"

    What a load of crap! It has been about two weeks now since I was told that I would receive a callback concerning this issue and I have heard NOTHING from them. No letter, email, or callback offering a status update or a simple apology. Palm is giving us the bird. Precentral and other blogs/news sources, need to start reporting what is ACTUALLY happening. Get some user stories up there, and then we will see Palm take action. Until then, they will continue to play this game and LAUGH at us all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Palm has heard:

    Hopefully they will consider more alternatives.
    Update: Palm has issued an official statement on the situation:
        We are seeing a small number of customers who have experienced issues
     transferring their Palm Profile information to another Palm webOS device. 
    Palm and Sprint are working closely together to support these customers to
    successfully transfer their information to the new device
    The Backups are corrupted and they have no older ones on their servers. So the only help will be transfering older data from an older phone(software) to the replacement Pre. But that's not solving the issue of corrupted backups.

    It's kind of sad if you see this thread and the comments on the article of agry users grow so fast.

    I don't even want to think of the update to 1.3.1 that is to happen at the beginning of the week here in Europe, coming from the ancient version 1.1.3.
    I hope i can postpone this update for a very long time.
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    For the record, when I lost my contacts it was when I did a WebOS doctor because I felt my patches had started to make my Pre unstable. I wonder how many of us ended up in the same situation? Perhaps there should be a poll.. "Lost my contacts from a patched Pre..." .. "Lost my contacts from an unpatched Pre.." ... and then options where they've recovered their contacts from both scenerios.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccs86 View Post
    Lets say you have hundreds of contacts in your Palm profile, what exactly do you suggest to migrate them to Google?
    This might help:

    Xybyresoft WebOS Products
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    I just wanted to say to everyone who is having problems and has lost their stuff, I really hope that the situations and available solutions improve.

    And reading about how many people are having this problem makes me REALLY glad I coughed up the 30 bucks for PocketMirror so that I have my calendar and contacts synching w/ my Outlook. I resent that if I want any redundancy that I'm forced to use Google. I didn't want to have to synch from computer to Google to Pre and back again. I really hated ponying up that money when it went from beta to full, but now I am very glad...

    That said, I think that it is not uncommon for people who are not very tech minded to completely ignore the need for redundancy and data recovery. Fortunately, it usually only takes ONE time losing it all when you didn't have to for a person to realize they have to take their own steps to make sure that never happens to them again.

    For me, it was losing a 14 page research paper because I had forgotten to bring a floppy disk with me to the library (yes, dating myself), and the library computers would not allow me to save to the hard disk and email it to myself. As I was sitting there trying to think of my options (this was almost 20 years ago, no yahoo mail, etc), a custodian plugged in a vaccum, tripped a circuit, and shorted out the entire computer lab.

    Point is, lots of folks might not have realized how important it is to have your info in more than one place, but I bet they do now!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    This might help:

    Xybyresoft WebOS Products

    That program is definitely helpful to extract contacts from a backup up database file, but it is no means a 'solution'. Reagan makes it seem like you must be stupid not to have all your contacts on google, etc, when there isn't even a decent way to do so. With that program you get a CSV file that in no way matches google's format. You are still left with the task of trying to reformat that file so google can import it, or enter contacts manually, which is square one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reagan247 View Post
    Your back up was corrupted and that's why you lost your stuff... That may an issue on Palm's end, but why are you not using Google to back up your contacts also? That's on you. It's stupid to rely on ONE means of backup. Get your contacts put up on GMail or Yahoo! and back it up.
    stupid is kinda inappropriate dont ya think? for many of us, the first few days we had out PRE's, we didnt even know we had to pick a back up of palm or google, it auto sets to palm - once its set to palm the only way to back it up anywhere else is to manually input it all .. oh joy i want to spend hours manually adding my 100s of contacts into another "backup" ( which is how I was forced to get them into the pre inthe 1st place since the store failed transferring!!!! )

    if palm can lose all our info, why cant google, or yahoo? ( and yes, Ive had yahoo randomly decide to close an email account 1 day - an account I used for 5 plus yrs - they said OPS sorry - reopened the ID but the saved emails and contacts were gone.. bye bye .. no more ) Anything online can also be hacked and an identity thief could be in heaven with names, addresses, phones numbers, DOB - it just recently happened to hotmail and started spilling into google - 1000s of peoples passwords were posted on a website ( that were stolen from a log in on a common website that had been hacked )

    it was STUPID on palms part to basically force us into their back up, it was stupid of palm to not be prepared of losing all our information, it was stupid of palm to only offer an online back up (especially when they have had a proven to work system in place on all their other products ) and now palm looks stupid having to admit they have lost 100s of peoples information (and they havent even really said sorry! )

    from day 1 this has been completely unacceptable on palms part, and for you to insinuate anyone one of us (or our actions ) is stupid, is just plain rude
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    In a love/hate relationship w/my PalmPre(s) 6/6/09 3/22/10 4/12/10 and 5/5/10 (ops yes I lost one!)

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    Some posts were deleted.

    Try again guys.
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    Is there any update as to when there may be a fix and I suppose all of the previous data is lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikewilson623 View Post
    Is there any update as to when there may be a fix and I suppose all of the previous data is lost.
    i've been waiting 2 weeks, still no call from the "level 3" tech. i give up
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    I did one of those online chats after palm lost my contacts, and I was given a "Palm Chat Session ID Number," and a promised call back the next day before noon. This was on 11/16/09. I'm still waiting for a call back.

    Ever since 1.3.1, the phone is buggier than ever. I don't know what caused this problem, but I'll be the first to tally my vote in response to ieko's suggestion:

    Lost my contacts from a patched pre - I removed tweaks, but forgot to unpatch before update. Caught the mistake, then I doctored and repatched to 1.3.1. Somewhere between updating a patched phone and updating after doctoring an upgraded, patched Pre.

    I have still not been able to recover my contacts, tasks, or memos, but it did keep 2 weeks worth of calendar events and 1 out of hundreds of contacts.
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    Does the solution that was given in the article work for us who have lost our contacts recently? I'm thinking about trying it tomorrow or Monday now that all my contacts are on Google Contacts.

    If this has worked for you, let me know. Thanks!
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    I was having lots of problems with gmail sync, so I thought a restore would be a good idea, cause nothing else worked. I restored, and lost maybe 9/10 of my contacts that were with the Palm Cloud. I made the mistake of not backing it up to my gmail account, but lesson learned.

    There was also an issue with the headset jack and the phone would turn off by I took it to Sprint and they are going to replace it...but they told me that they had to order it, is it going to be a refurb? Cause I didn't ask, but I seriously doubt they had no more Pre's left in the store.

    Also, when I get this new phone, anyway to restore any of my contacts that were lost, or should I just start using the gmail backup option. Also any compensation for this? Anyone I can call...cause I literally lost maybe 150 numbers and some of them, I can't ever get in touch with the person to get their number back.
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    I just went thru this today, only restored 3 contacts Let me propose this, when you turn off backup it says it will delete all backups on server. So why not turn off backups, let it delete the one off server, then turn it back on and do a full backup? just a idea i had while re-entering my contacts
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    Any way to get yoru contacts to Google without any of that rooting/complicated extra stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    Yeah but what about the refurb question? They said that they had to order one, and UPS would bring it on monday...will I be getting a refurb palm pre.
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    it'll probably be a refurb.

    you aren't going to like that, are you?
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    I have learned my lesson, keep all your contacts in Google, this way you dont have to rely on palm profile and also it is easy to edit contacts on your PC. Google never looses my contacts and after a fresh restart/clear memory all my contacts always come back.

    palm profile is scary, it looses so many contacts.

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