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    Well, maybe this will cause Palm to get their act together and work on a solution. It wouldn't be the first time.

    In the meantime, has anyone used CompanionLink via USB/Computer as a backup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccs86 View Post
    Actually, I would really like to transfer the rest of the palm contacts into my Google account, but none of the ways I've tried have worked yet.
    have you been to this thread yet?
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    Yeah, when I run that program it gives me an SQL error (null)...

    Tried the only two versions I could find.
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    just lost everything
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelshadow View Post
    just lost everything SOOOOOO ****ED!
    That blows. New to either Pre or Pixi or from Pre to Pixi?
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    Uh, and the staff at the Sprint locs aren't much help either...I teach them often.
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    Teach me oh great one. For I have learned the hard way. I lost everything tonight and need to get it all back before the next backup with Palm....
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    Feed the Google beast....feed'm. Thankfully, I recently did the same. If I can't get data back from Palm, resorting to the G-beast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P6 View Post
    Feed the Google beast....feed'm. Thankfully, I recently did the same. If I can't get data back from Palm, resorting to the G-beast.
    Actually, I think a lot of people here are used to just having Gmail or nothing. But there are plenty of hosted Exchange services that will provide sync for contacts, email and tasks. You do have to pay but it's only a few bucks a month.

    So if you wanted privacy and safety you have choices.
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    I had to go to sprint to pick up a replacement phone. When i logged into my new phone my contacts were lost after a update and numerous partial erases i am still with out contacts. If anyone else has experienced this and gotten their contacts back PLEASE let me know how to fix this problem I am completely lost right now!
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    I also lost my contacts. Palm said they might be able to get them back and would call me back. That was 3 days ago and still no call. I got my local Sprint store to give me a free HTC Hero and ditch the PRE. I love the Hero. It did take a bit of getting used to but now I love it. I can't put it down and all the apps are great. I liked Web OS alot but the PRE was a piece of crap. I went thru 4 of them in 4 months. The Hero is built much better. I do miss the keyboard but I am getting used to the touch screen. So if your sick of your crappy build quiality of the Pre give the Hero a shot. If Palm makes some better hardware and web OS gets better I might consider Palm again.
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    Not much I can say that hasn't already been said here by hundreds.

    Do you have a gmail account that has at least some of your contacts stored? What do you use for desktop contact management? The solutions might not exist, but more information is needed before that can be said for sure.

    Sorry for your misfortune
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    first off when did this happen ? If a back up has not occurred since getting your new phone you could possibly still get them back . All you have to do is webdoctor your phone or hard reset it . And sign in to your profile . If a back up has occurred already then you are probably out in the cold!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Export to a CSV
    How do you do this?
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    Its a shame Palm won't open up the SDK to allow developers to write a backup solution either....
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    I did a web os Dr last night to 1.3.1 and I know they were there after and now nothing.what can I do?
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    Sorry they're gone, and Palm doesn't care. (I empathize though as the same thing happened to me.)

    I would post links, but I can't yet...go take a look at Palm's support forums. There are several threads about this issue, but Palm doesn't/can't do anything.

    Sorry, bud.
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    Wow, that mental. So they added the support to back up Pict's and stuff but lost the contacts. Again don't they test this crap before it hits the market?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm View Post
    Seems like the only person's fault for putting 100% faith in a "big black box in the cloud" would be you.
    This is Palm's fault.
    This crap about "not trusting the 'cloud'" is garbage. It isn't the "cloud's" fault, it is Palm's fault. They should have data redundancy and data verification checks to ensure that their PAYING customer's data is secure. Furthermore, they should have offered, from the start, ways to create local backups. This issue is Palm's problem.

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