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    I apologize if this has already been brought up however I just purchased the pre and love it for all its features and the pretty much everythign in between...

    However... For some reason, I am not able to receive any SMS Text messages... I know that I can send them out just fine but receiving, there is nothing coming into my message box...

    Some of the threads I've looked up online are about call porting and it not being correctly done,

    Others say to reboot the phone and possibly get rid of any apps that I have installed on the phone...

    Anyone have a good suggestion on something that might not have been done?

    I just purchased and activated the phone yesterday... I switched from Verizon Wireless.

    Thanks and have a good day,

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    Call sprint and let them know wuts happening
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    Have them re-port the number. I have 2 lines that currently suffer from this, the third was re-ported and it appears to fix the problem. When you call, just ask for the Port department, don't waste too much time the first line techs.
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    We've had the same problem, sort-of for 3 weeks now.
    Our numbers have been on Sprint for over 2 years now. We changed to the Family data plan and my wife and I have the pre's. My phone works fine.
    On her phone she can send a txt to anyone on any network but she can only receive txt's from phones on the sprint network.

    We have changed out her phone, reset her number/account called and talked to everyone at sprint. I have no issues with the Sprint network or with any of our other phones. But Sprint offers us no solutions. We are getting close to our 30 day return and it looks like thats what will happen at this point.

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