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    I'm not getting vibrate notifications. I use text manager but I can't get the settings right. I just get a balloon icon with no notice.
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    sounds and ringtones ->

    "Ringer Switch OFF" -> Vibrate == On

    "Ringer Switch ON" -> Vibrate == On

    Works for me?
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    So...I tried that and I got a vibrate once when they came through but then I stopped at Bestbuy and asked a woman who worked there about it and she said her own pre doesn't always vibrate either. She said sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. huh?!

    She also has issues with it rebooting as do I since last night one time so far.

    What gives?
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    well...I figured out that if I set system sounds to on it will vibrate with the switch on the top turned off but this kinda conflicts with the text homebrew app and preventing the dual ringtone sound from playing. Anyone have any idea if there is a way to correct this?
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    that is one issue with messaging, it only vibrates once, it's not like previous phones that it will vibrate for let's say 5 seconds on then it would stop...

    that's one thing this phone lacks, when I set my phone to vibrate, when I get a call, it's all good, as it vibrates 3-4 times for 1-2 second intervals.... so I have plenty of time and I feel the call coming...

    when I get a text message or an email (gmail/hotmail) on the accounts I have added to my phone, it vibrates for a second and that's it,...... nothing gives on this phone, still waiting for that app!!
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    My incoming text messaging doesn't vibrate at all, just a balloon. The phone does, e-mail does not. I've been trying to fond out if its my phone, settings or systemic. Any help would be appreciated.

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