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    I use Cucusoftmovie to iPod converter to convert the movie and then connect my Pre as a USB then its a simple drag and drop.
    I use the same program, and I love it. If you buy it, though, be sure to save the information (username, password, key code) that they send you when you purchase it. Every now and then they'll update the software, and you'll need that to download the software. If you lose it, you can get it in an email, but I find it easier to keep it in a file.
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    I downloaded handbrake and I'm having a hard time saving the movie to my computer. It comes out very scrambled and I don't know what to do. Can someone, ANYONE give me simple directions on how to put movies on my pre without having to pay for any software? I just need one movie on my phone because I have a 9 hour flight and want something to watch. PLEASE HELP!
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