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    I know there are some old threads about this but they were all within the first couple weeks of the phone's release. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience dealing with this phone through Squaretrade? Is it better to just do the Sprint insurance? I can't even find an option for the Pre on their site. Only "iPhone" or "other cell phone"? Hmm.
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    I bought insurance for my Pre through Squaretrade. I have yet to use it, so I don't know how the experience of dealing with them is. But these are the steps to get it:

    1) Go to Squaretrade's website, and click on get a quote
    2) Select miscellaneous, then Other electronics
    3) Enter $549 for purchase price, and new condition
    4) go to checkout- The Price should be like $75 for 3 years of coverage (over 3X cheaper than Sprint)
    5) add the Accidental Damage protection for $30 (optional, but recommended)
    6) add TWTYOFF to the coupon code box for 20% off your order

    (I'm not sure if that coupon code is still valid. that code was from back in June)
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    Is there a pro/con type list between Sprint's plan and the Squaretrade one? How does the Palm warranty factor in? I'm just worried about getting screwed with something after my 30 days are up, ya know?
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    Seems like the ADH from squaretrade does not cover loss/theft. I travel a lot so for me loss/theft coverage is required. I'm not sure what the other differences are.

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