So I got my Pre the morning it came out and I love the device and all, but I've had a few problems. All of them have been hardware issues, which makes me want to get a Pixi, but I don't want to give up some of the advantages of the Pre.

Well so on my first phone the earpiece died after about 2 months of use. I had it swapped out under Best Buy Insurance program, named "Rapid Exchange". Let me tell you it was not so rapid, more like 3 weeks. So I got my new Pre and now I have encountered yet another problem.

When opening and closing the phone a few times in a row my Pre will just shut off. It doesn't go through the normal process of shutting down, just one second I have cards open and the phone is on, and the next second absolutely nothing. It had happened on my first Pre a couple of times, but after a update it quit.

It only seems to happen when the phone is opened and closed maybe 3 or 4 times in a row within a short amount of time. Now I don't mean like 1,2,3,4 opening and closing all within 10 seconds, but I do mean within like 30 to 45 seconds or so.

I am assuming that it is hardware related, and have stopped opening and closing my phone so often, and when I do, I make sure to do it softly.

Has any one else had any similar experiences? Is it hardware or software related?

Overall I absolutely LOVE webOS and am fairly impressed in the Pre. I just wish more time was spent on making the hardware, well, better then it is now.