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    What the hell...I just tried to watch a video on YouTube and the audio wasn't working. I plugged in headphones and I could hear the audio just fine through the headphones but the speaker does not play the audio. I tried watching the Palm Pre welcome video that's pre-loaded and I get the same problem.

    The system sounds and ringtones work through the speaker, and video audio worked just an hour ago. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
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    Turn up the volume while the video is playing. I'm pretty sure media volume is a different setting than system volume or ringer volume. And I'm pretty sure it stores separate values for the speaker versus headset mode.

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    Both volumes were up as loud as it goes and after restarting I still had the same issue. I made sure to turn up the volume as the video played and just now I tried playing a sound came through so I plugged in headphones and hear sound through them. I then unplugged the headphones and it started playing sound through my Pre's speaker again! God, that was weird.

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